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Gentelmens Clubs


Limousines / Party Bus

Tour Transportation

This Ultra Luxurious Super Stretch SUV will comfortably contain 16 to 23 companions. “Exclusive Happens Here” as this is the Only SUV Limo in Las Vegas with its own VIP Lounge! +More Info

This Land Yacht - Party Bus holds from16 TO 32 passengers. It’s loaded with lots of all the extras! Your Frills include a 3,500 watt sound system, CD/DVD Player, iPod Station, Dance Floor, Cosmic Stripper Pole and Camera for Stripper Pole viewing on a Large Screen 52” TV! +More Info

This Ford F650 Super Stretch vehicle carries 16 to 30 passengers. Nothing says VIP like the “King of the Streets,” our Ford F650 Limo sports a First Class 3,500 watt Sound System, eight 10-inch TV’s, a 57-inch Flat Screen TV, stripper pole and stripper cam, a CD/DVD Player and iPod station! +More Info

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The Dirty Elbow

Check out the raunchiest of what Las Vegas has to offer in the way of strip clubs. These clubs and these girls will do whatever for you dollar…. Hence the name of this package. All the things that you can image the dirty dirty girls will do are in these clubs. We could go into detail of what our clients have done there, but that just goes against everything Vegas. Here are a few of the clubs that you can down and dirty to your elbow at.

Larry’s Villa, Play It Again Sam, Little Darlings, Can-Can Room, Palomino Club


The Hottest Strip Clubs in Vegas Package

Want the stripper, or in this case, “exotic dancer” (to be politically correct) that model hot? Well these clubs will have her and all her friends… And that’s thanks to the black lights in the club that hide their all too subtle defects that have them stripping, rather than modeling. But they are hot enough to make you reconsider getting married or going back to your girlfriend back home. You might even let them meet Mom and Dad, because they are just that hot.

These clubs all have bottle and table reservations, that you will have to pay a premium on, BUT WITH US AND OUR CONNECTIONS, you will get tables and possibly bottles comped because our relationships with the clubs (not the girls). These clubs are for the most part located in the same area of Strip Club Row, so you can bounce in and out of them relatively easily and quick as well.

Spearmint  Rhino, Treasures, Sapphires, Club Paradise, Seamless


The Middle of the Road Strip Club Package

You can find the best of both worlds with this Strip Club Package. You can find the dirty girls that will molest you in the VIP and you can find the hotty that seems out of place, but hell…. You are in a strip club, drinking, and in Vegas so there is luck that pops up every now and then. These clubs are actually more abundant than any other. They are a little more spread out over the Vegas area too. You can be downtown at Olympic Gardens or on the east side of town at The Library. We’ll keep you in the center of everything, so you can get to other clubs quickly, if there is not the type of girls you are looking for in the club that you are at.

Olympic Gardens, Cheetahs, Penthouse Club, Glitter Gulch, Badda Bing, The Library


Totally Nude Club Package

Although we never recommend going to a strip club that you can’t drink at, they are there. The Totally Nude Club Package will get you to and into the totally nude strip clubs of Las Vegas.  They are all 18+ so, all you kiddies can get down!

Déjà Vu Showgirls, Diamond Cabaret, Can-Can Room, Sheri’s Cabaret

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